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Exotherm Instruments, a sister concern of B. R. Electronics established in 1975, is the leader in manufacturing of high quality temperature sensors for over 30 years. With it's strong experience & technological skills, it has succeeded in building strong relationship with more than 800 customers all over India.

Our exhaustive range of teflon wires, cables and other products provide solutions to conventional temperature sensors to high-tech industrial thermocouples for a variety of industries like Steel, Glass, Power, Cement, Chemicals and many other OEM's.

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Our exhaustive range of products provide solutions to conventional temperature sensors to high-tech industrial thermocouples for a variety of industries like Steel, Glass, Power, Cement, Chemicals and many other OEM's.

Are you looking for trusted Teflon wire manufacturer in India? Do you require high-quality PTFE insulated wires? Do you want to partner with an experienced FEP or ETFE wire manufacturer? If your answer to all this is a yes, you are right where you need to be.

Exotherm Instruments are among the leading Teflon and PTFE wire manufacturers in India. What started as a humble manufacturing unit way back in 1975, quickly went on to become one of the leaders in manufacturing high-quality temperature sensors. We have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing high voltage, high frequency and high-temperature resistant wires for various industrial applications. Our products are built of impeccable quality, which ensures high reliability and delivers complete customer satisfaction. We follow best-in-the-industry work standards, which is evident from the durability and longevity of our products.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit located in Mumbai is equipped with modern equipment and testing systems, which not only assembles sensors but provides temperature solutions to other industries. We can handle every type of urgent industry-specific requirements.

Exotherm Instruments is one of the leading PTFE wire manufacturers in India, delivering efficient cabling and wiring solutions all over India. The PTFE wires manufactured by us find wide industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Be it PTFE Equipment Wires, Thermocouple Cables, PTFE Multicore Cables, PTFE Electrical Sleeving, RF-Coaxial Cables, PTFE Heaters Wires, PTFE High Voltage Cables, High-Temperature Power Cables, Cable Harness and Cable Assemblies. we manufacture them all.

Exotherm Instruments is one of the leading Teflon wire manufactures in India. Our exhaustive range of products provides excellent solutions for conventional temperature sensors and high-tech industrial thermocouples, for a variety of industries like Steel, Glass, Power, Cement, Chemicals and numerous other OEMs.

Our Teflon wires are in high demand in the industrial market due to their superior heat resistant, non-flammable, reliable and durable features. The secret of our high-performance wires lies in the procurement of the best raw materials, and, implementing the most advanced technology during manufacturing.

Exotherm Instruments manufactures FEP insulated wires exclusively for high-temperature applications. Our wires exhibit excellent electrical, thermal and physical properties. They are extremely resistant to cut through or cold flow, cracking due to electromechanical stress and ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, our wires are inert to most harsh chemicals, solvents and oils.

Due to the superior attributes of our FEP insulated wires, they are largely procured for demanding applications in Chemical, Medical and Electrical industries from all over India. Exotherm Instruments provides FEP insulated high-temperature wires to various industries for applications, such as Nuclear power plants, Military communication equipment, OEM applications, Aircraft equipment and aerospace systems.

We manufacture impeccable PFA wires that exhibit higher chemical resistance and mechanical strength, to suffice the need of industries that require wires with low-out gassing properties and higher temperature ratings. Our PFA insulated wires are dependable, cost-effective and have higher electrical stability and superior weather resistance. These properties make the product highly durable and long-lasting.

Our PFA wires are comparatively smaller in diameter and lighter in weight. This results in easy installation. That’s why our wires find wider applications across different industries.

Exotherm Instruments is one of the leading ETFE wire manufacturers too. We produce high-quality ETFE wires that are highly heat resistant and best suitable for all kinds of wiring applications. Our range of ETFE insulated wires offers unmatched operational distinction. Our ETFE wires display many superior features, which makes them more ideal for higher temperature, flame retardant and low smoke applications.

We believe that customer satisfaction is the most valuable asset of the business. That’s why we strive to provide the best value to our customers, always. Get in touch with Exotherm Instruments and find yourself a trusted and experienced long-term industrial wire manufacturing partner.