PFA wires

PFA Insulated Wires – Exotherm Instruments

Featuring High Temperature Rating and Low Out-Gassing Properties

When your application demands electronic wires that exhibit high mechanical strength and chemical resistance, you can opt for PFA (PerFluoroAlkoxy) insulated wires from Exotherm. These cost-effective, dependable, and rugged PFA wires come with superior weather resistance and high electrical stability. With us, you will find a wide range of high temperature wires that are specifically designed for demanding wire and cabling applications.


  • Conductors:
    • 24 AWG - 2/0 AWG
    • Nickel-plated copper 2% (other conductor materials available)
  • Insulating System:
    • Extruded Perfluoroalkoxy copolymer (PFA)
  • Standard Color Coding:
    • Available in colors

Product Specifications

Compared to other rubber cables, PFA insulated wires are lighter in weight and smaller in diameter. This helps in easy installation. Available in a range of specifications, these wires are procured for wiring electrical and electronic products that are exposed to fluctuating temperatures and voltages.

  • Operating temperature: -50 °C to + 190 °C (flexing environment and -75° C to +200° C (Static environment)
  • Voltage – Ranging from 300V to 1000V
  • Conductor – 30~10AWG Tinned Copper
  • Available Colors – Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Gray, White

Applications across Industries

PFA insulation is inert to most chemicals, harsh solvents, liquids, and acids. They offer unfailing service for years even in corrosion prone industrial environments. What’s more? These high temperature wires offer superior creep resistance at high temperatures and excellent low-temperature toughness. Because of all these features, PFA insulated wires are used across industries for wiring:

  • Automotive oxygen and NOx sensors
  • Gas igniters
  • High temperature thermocouple
  • Steam turbines
  • Electrical appliances