Tips to Choose the Right Temperature Teflon as per Your Usage

PTFE Multi-core cables for Instrumentation and control applications are manufactured as per MIL-DTL-27500H / JSS 51038 specification to meet specific customer requirements.
The primary wires are PTFE insulated meeting requirements of JSS 51034/ MIL-W-16878/BS3G210/NEMA HP3. The cable possesses all the unique electrical and mechanical properties of PTFE and is available in size from single wire screened or/and jacketed up to cable with a maximum of 66 pairs twisted and/or screened and/or jacked as per required.

Applications Of PTFE Insulated Wires & Cables

  • Electronic Test Equipment
  • Communication Equipment (mobile and manpack wireless sets)
  • Equipment for Aircraft, Radar, Navigation, Electro-mechanical applications, Satellites, Research Equipment for Aerospace, Navy & Meteorology
  • Control Equipment for Atomic Energy, Satellite Launching, Ground Control, Reactors and Process Control, Telephone Exchange, Lifts
  • Computers, Flight simulators
    High-performance motors, transformers, and rectifiers
  • Infra-red sensing equipment
  • Thermo-couple and compensating cables
  • Air-field lighting equipment
  • High-temperature lighting fittings (sodium lamps etc.)
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Load cells and pressure transducers
  • Electro-medical/Neuro-surgical equipment
  • High-temperature control valves
  • Furnace and oven wiring

PTFE Insulated Special Equipment Wires

Please refer to the table for commonly available sizes. Within the normal range, a larger number of strands are available to improve flexibility and flex-life; 19 strands up to AWG 30, 37 strands up to AWG 20, and 60 strands for AWG 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. In the two larger sizes AWG 6 and 8, compact 61 strands true concentric constructions (compared to Rope lay 19 x 7) are about 15% lower in OD, weight, and cost, although slightly stiffer.

We offer finer sizes, having thin-wall PTFE insulation, highly flexible (with flex-life) constructions using Silver Plated High Strength Copper Alloy (SPHSCA). Sizes as small as AWG 37/7/45 (0.43 mm). Even such fine sizes are 100% tested.

For Wire-Wrap wire, advantages of PTFE insulation are now available in single strand size up to AWG 36 (OD 0.43 mm), and multi-strand 3607 or 3707 with OD 0.38 mm

ETFE (Medium weight and Lightweight)

Single or Multi-strand Conductor Insulation 600V available in medium weight and lightweight.
EXOTHERM designs and manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom ETFE Insulated Hook-up/Equipment Wires. These wires are available in normal-weight and a thin-walled lightweight versions specially used in aviation and aerospace industries, all the standard wires manufactured as per the popular military standards.

We also make custom ETFE cables e.g. 75 Ohms high voltage ETFE Coaxial cable. Please connect with Exotherm Instruments for your custom ETFE wire or cable requirement.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Excellent chemical, electrical, and high energy radiation resistance properties
  • Designed for application with a wide temperature range

Wire /Cable Construction

  • Available in medium and thin-walled extruded ETFE construction.
  • Conductor Tin-Plated Copper ( TPC )
  • −55°C to +150°C
  • Voltage −600 V
  • Construction as per AS-22759/16 and AS-22759/18


  • Aerospace
  • Defense

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