Advantages & Applications of PTFE Wires

When it comes to wires, the universe of wires is not constrained to a few conventional wires, for example, copper wires, etc. The progressive change took them easily which gave solid variations like Silver Plated Copper Electrical Wire, PTFE Insulated Silver Plated Copper Wire, Silver Coated Copper Wire, and so on. Teflon Wires are additionally […]

Insulation Options for Wire & Cable Industries

Primary Insulations Primary insulations (insulations applied directly onto conductors) are generally hard insulations that will resist deformation and damage during cabling and other subsequent processing operations; this ensures a high measure of quality both for safety considerations and electrical performance. Polyolefin – some of the least expensive plastics available in wire and cable, Olefins actually have […]

FEP Cables – Uses and Advantages

Short for fluorinated ethylene propylene, FEP cable has many applications, and there are several advantages associated with using FEP cable over other types of cable. Let’s take a look at some of these uses and benefits in further detail, specifically examining why FEP may be equivalent, or even superior, to Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Advantage #1 of […]